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Welcome, Alumni!

The SCCF works closely with the Southern Columbia Alumni Community, receiving support from individuals, sharing resources and sponsoring fund-raising events.

Southern Alumni who remember the good years in school may know of the budget challenges that have been facing Pennsylvania public schools in recent years. Southern needs support to extend programs beyond basic options and bring innovative tools to creative teachers and exciting experiences to our students.

Distinguished Alumnus Program

The Distinguished Alumnus Award was established to honor a graduate of Southern Columbia Area High School or any former high school that formed the Southern Columbia Area District. Recipients are individuals who have achieved success in their field of endeavor and/or have had a positive influence on the students and community of Southern Columbia Area. A list of distinguished alumni can be found on the school district website.

Distinguished alumni are celebrated in a ceremony each year. Their stories are highlighted in our community newsletter, Tiger Tidings. Our students get to know of the awardees and their successes in many very different walks of life. Each year some of the awardees spend time with the seniors to share their experiences and know-how and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

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We encourage you to nominate exceptional alumni so that they may be recognized by our alumni community and the public for their valued accomplishments. Nomination Form.

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