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Student Wish ListWith the support of Alumni and Friends, our students can Reach for the Stars! Donations to the Southern Columbia Community Foundation fund the creative Teacher Grant Program and special projects that benefit all students in our district. Each year the foundation plans to fund one or more large projects. Click to see a list of the projects SCCF would like to fund for our students.

Grants Awarded

Last May, the Southern Columbia Community Foundation and its benefactors awarded four recipients with grants totaling over $9,000 in order to enhance the educational environment in their respective areas.  The full impact of these awards was realized for this school year, and the students and staff could not be happier!


Reading ProgramSCCF Reading Program

The 4th grade teaching staff received a magazine subscription from Storywork, a monthly publication that provides enrichment stories to the ELA curriculum. 

Stacey Hockenbroch, 4th grade teacher, commented:

“The kids are loving having the opportunity to learn from the magazines. They are able to relate to them because they are current topics on their level.  Many of my students have been enjoying the online components in class and at home. I love how motivated and excited they are to learn. 

"We are currently reading a story about pizza and how it became popular in the world!  The students seem to get excited when they see that new magazines are delivered to the class. We are certainly very lucky to have received the grant to bring this opportunity to our classrooms!” 


Welding Table

Welding Table

"The Technology Education department, specifically the metal shop, was awarded $1,000 toward the purchase of material to construct a new welding table.  

"The students were first questioned about what they would like to see in a table, and were involved in the design of the table from start to finish.  It was decided that a 4’ by 8’ metal table would be constructed.  The material was ordered and the students got right to work. 

"The table weighs in excess of 1000 lbs, which makes it a great working surface for students to fabricate and weld on.  Students are thrilled at having a flat, stable surface to work on now.  The table features a lower shelf that can be used for project storage and fixture storage. 

"The table was built by the students, for the students, and will last for years to come. The Technology Education department would like to thank the Foundation for their generous contribution.”  -- Andrew Meyers, Tech Ed Teacher

Weather Station

Weather Station

Anthony Pecora, 6th grade science teacher, had this to say about his multi-year grant, “I was generously awarded a weather station through the grant.  The weather station is located on the top of the middle school.  A data display box is in my classroom and the data is displayed on two different web sites that students and others have access to.  One of the two websites also contains meteorology instructional modules. 

"Sixth grade meteorology units will begin shortly and continue during most of the second half of the school year.  The weather station and corresponding modules will be used during these upcoming units. 

"I am also working with a Bloomsburg University professor on implementing the modules with the students as part of an independent study graduate course, beginning in the spring.” 

Yuki Ball, also known as pickle ballYuki Ball

The Phys Ed department received monies for a game called Yuki-Ball™. 

The game is similar to Capture the Flag, but played with white foam “snowballs.”  The students try to capture the opposing team’s flag while eliminating them with these balls.  Defense must work together to protect their flag and replenish the supply.  The game is very active and encourages participation by all. 

The middle school kids are enjoying this new activity, and the staff is excited to have another game to engage the students in fun fitness.


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